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Intellectual Honesty and Religious Commitment

Edited by Arthur J. Bellinzoni, Jr. and Thomas V. Litzenburg, Jr.


Are theologians dishonest who deny certain doctrines but remain in the church?

Do believers tend to avoid some scientific facts and rational conclusions?

Are religious individuals and institutions dishonest in failing to act on their beliefs?

Is intellectual honesty the enemy or the partner of religious commitment?

In this lively discussion, four outstanding thinkers two philosophers and two theologians explore the obstacles and the opening for a faith that makes sense in a modern age. While differing sharply in viewpoint and approach, Professors Henry D. Aiken, William P. Alston, Richard R. Niebuhr, and Michael Novak are united in the effort to expose basic issues often obscured by pious dogmatism and bitter polemics. The result is a mind-clearing book for every reader who wonders what to believe in a time of religious ferment and widespread questioning of traditional values.